Rarity from the Hollow Nominated for an Author Academy Award



Thanks again for your help. Rarity from the Hollow was nominated, vetted, and accepted into the competition for the upcoming Author Academy Awards. Please consider voting for it on page 11, Science Fiction Books. Scroll down from the top of the main page to a big rectangle that has Nonfiction Books on top. There’s an arrow on the right. Click it ten times to get to SF Books and click on the book cover or title.  It’s free and easy, a minute at most. Proceeds help abused children (50% donated). https://authoracademyawards.com/?inf_contact_key=573177714033b3d03e6bc364140c12038e6d8927b51747948b52b10d94df88f3


The 2018 Edition of the novel was just released. Anything that you can do to continue to promote this project would be appreciated. The Amazon link for the eBook is: https://amzn.to/2wFg1F7 . The paperback is still in the works. I’ll let you know. As you are aware, 50% of proceeds are donated to help abused children.


Take care,





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